Variable Refrigerant System

 The Variable Refrigerant System uses the Air Conditioning industry's latest technology and offers flexibility of design, installation and operation.

 The Variable Refrigerant System is ideally suited to buildings under construction or renovation as this system meets the needs of tight installation space and the need to minimise large central ducting. It can also be retro fitted to existing buildings where installation access is available.

An advanced version of the Multi Split System the Variable Refrigerant system is available in a capacity to virtually suit any size installation, be it Residential or Commercial.

 The Condenser (outdoor section) is connected to multiple Fan Coil Units (indoor section) via a looped refrigeration installation. The Fan Coil Units are available in many styles to suit the need of a particular site and installation requirement.

Each Fan Coil Unit is selected to suit the needs of an individual area/zone and is complete with a control station offering individual operation and control to each zone as required.

With the option to operate individual zones as required the condenser varies the refrigeration output to deliver only the capacity to meet the needs of the zones selected. This operation offers very efficient performance from the Variable Refrigerant System.

With flexible installation and operation together with highly efficient performance the Variable Refrigerant System is a popular selection with Architects and Builders in the new home construction industry.

VR System