Ducted System

 The Ducted Air Conditioning System offers a range of capacities to virtually suit any size installation and is ideally suited to multiple room or large area applications.

Residential Ducted Air Conditioning is generally a Split Ducted System with a Condenser (outdoor section) connected via copper refrigeration pipes to the Fan Coil Unit (indoor section) which is suspended in the roof space or on occasions under the floor.

The Fan Coil Unit supply air is ducted to ceiling, floor or wall grilles (depending on the installation) which will be located throughout the rooms to be conditioned.

The Fan Coil Unit return air is ducted to a filtered intake grille which will be located centrally within the area to be conditioned.

Air Conditioning is a very efficient method to heat and or cool and to lift the efficiency even higher it is possible to install a ducted system with zones.

Zoned Ducted Air Conditioning allows one area to be turned off (eg Bedrooms) and another area turned on in its place (eg Living Area). This requires a smaller capacity system than one that has been chosen to condition both zones simultaneously.