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Ducted Gas Heating

brivis external gas heaterDucted Gas Heating is the ideal economical and unobtrusive solution to all of house heating.

Ducted Gas Heating units are available in external and internal models to enable the system to be located in a position most suitable for your house.

If sufficient space is available the first option is to install ductwork under the floor and connect to floor mounted supply grilles. As warm air will rise this is the more efficient location for the supply grilles.Brivis Internal

Just the same should a ceiling mounted installation be required the selection of the right ceiling supply air grilles will also have the system operate very well.

The use of zoning and a Gas Heating unit capable of modulating the heating output and supply air flow is a means to raising the efficiency of the ducted gas heating system to an even higher level.

Our sales engineers are experienced with a wide range of Ducted Gas Heating installations and will be more than pleased to offer a Design and Quotation for a system to meet your needs.

Ducted Gas Heating