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Like all mechanical plant Air Conditioning systems over time will suffer wear and tear from their use and the environment in which they are installed.

Programmed maintenance is designed to address issues with the plant and where possible effect repairs or remedial action before they become major and result in sometimes costly service and plant down time. A stitch in time approach.

Delmar Services Pty Ltd offers a complete maintenance program tailored to suit every installation covering full inspection, filter and system cleaning.

At the conclusion of each Maintenance Inspection a report is left on site outlining the conditon of the Air Conditioning system. Should issues be found requiring follow up works a quotation is forwarded detailing the work required and the associated cost.

Be it once a year or monthly inspections Delmar Services will be more than pleased to offer a quotation for you to join our Maintenance Program.

Regular maintenance inspections will not only help extend the life expectancy of your air conditioning plant it will  also help keep your air cnditioning plant operating efficiently.